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Mahatma Gandhi fasted for Muslims, Pakistan’s Sikh and Hindus, says Prof. Apoorvanand

New Delhi: Apoorvanand, a professor at Hindi Department at University of Delhi said that it has been widespread for 70 years that nobody would listen to Mahatma Gandhi at that time, including Sardar Patel and Jawaharlal Nehru. However, this was not true, the prof said.

While speaking at the book fair that is organised at Delhi’s Pragati Maidan every year, Apoorvanand said that during the period from September to January, when Gandhiji lived in Delhi, he had said that Hindus and Sikhs of Pakistan would do satyagraha against the situation.

In case they can not do it, then the Hindu people from their homes should not kill them and remove the captive possession of the Mehrauli dargah and give it to the Khadims.

Apoorvanand also said that Gandhiji had asked the people to remove sculptures and tricolour from the mosque of Connaught Place. At such times Gandhiji had said that no one is listening to me, following which a hunger strike from 13 to 17 January was organised.

As soon as Gandhiji heard about the hunger strike, his closest people of Congress reached there and an agreement was formulated which said that the fire of Delhi should be quickly extinguished and prevention proceedings against Muslims should be stopped soon.

This agreement was brought to Baba Rajendra Prasad by Gandhiji, however, it was repeatedly broken by RSS. Gandhiji himself got attacked on January 20 and was assassinated on January 30.

Gandhiji was accused of being on hunger strike for Indian Muslims while he had said that this hunger strike was for Pakistan’s Hindus and Sikhs who were against Pakistan.

Professor Apoorvanand said that today we must follow Gandhiji’s words by protecting Muslims. Many other speakers on this occasion also expressed their opinions.

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