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Many Indian Muslims have no faith in police, claims survey report

New Delhi: According to a survey conducted throughout the country, it was revealed that the Muslim communities have no faith in police. This survey was conducted by the Human Rights Foundation and Goyal initiative. This survey was conducted in 8 cities. These institutions asked the Muslims about the functioning of the police and they also interviewed 25 former police officers. Questions were asked to the members of the affected families who did not have faith in the police. They felt that there is no proper representation of Muslims in the police force. Muslims should get their share according to their population which is 14%, but in police force, their representation is only 8%.

On the other hand in prisons, there are 21% undertrials. Mr. Zafer Ul Islam, Chairman of Minorities Commission in Delhi, released this report. He told that the Police Act is in favour of the rulers. Many representations were made for changing the Police Act, but failed

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