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Massive protest against triple talaq bill in Degloor

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March 30, 2018, 2:27 PM IST

Massive protest against triple talaq bill in Degloor

Degloor: Women and girls in large numbers peacefully protested in front of division office against the proposed triple talaq bill to be enforced by the central government. They also submitted a memorandum to deputy collector Degloor. Earlier a large number of women and girls gathered at Eidgah Maidan. Women speakers addressed the grand public meeting and asserted that the central government wants to interfere into the shariah on the pretext of providing rights to Muslim women. By showing false sympathy it tries to fool Muslim women making them believe that they are oppressed and subjugated by the shariah.

In this scenario, All India Muslim Personal Board decided to show the so-called saffron sympathizers that Muslim women do not feel subjugated due to Islamic shariah. They do not want interference in shariah. Braving the heat and sun, women in large numbers attended the procession and showed that they want to follow shariah and will not tolerate any change in it.

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