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Masuma Begum: A renowned educationist and woman activist

Masuma Begum, the first woman minister of India (a Minister in the council of ministers of Andhra Pradesh as well), born in October 8, 1901 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh was privileged her father was a famous bureaucrat and her mother, a known / highly educated lady. Later, she along with her husband, Hussain Ali Khan, also a known scholar, established several social service programmes. She, as the President of ‘Anjuman’ launched an ambitious project for spreading education and awareness against women inequality among Muslims in particular. She also participated in programmes of social reforms and participated in the various activities of National movement.

She also raised several educational social service and women welfare organizations besides, holding key posts in different national and international women fora. Late she remained a member of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly in 1952 and 1957 besides, being Deputy Leader of Congress Legislative Party as well as a Minister of social welfare/ Muslim Endowment also. In 1962, distancing herself from active politics, she totally dedicated herself to the social welfare programmes and was honoured ‘Padam Shree’ Award in 1974 by the Govt. of India recognizing her humane services bringing awareness for women empowerment. She breathed her last in March 2, 1990. However, she would be remembered as fierce crusader of equality and equal rights for Muslim women.

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