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Mir Khasim Ali : An incongruous fighter against British Suzerainty

Mir Khasim Ali Khan, the warrior Nabab of Bengal (September 20, 1760 after dethronement of his nephew, Mir Zafar by Britishers), continuously waged war against the Raj with firm congregation to keep his kingdom liberated and be prosperous by throwing out the British Rule. During the period, Indian rulers as well as the people were tortured, persecuted and incarcerated for protesting the brutal Rule. While no response of his complaint against high-handedness of imperial Govt. and the employees was received from Britons, Nawab Mir Khasim started taking independent decision, disobeying them. Later in 1762, after shifting a capital of Bengal from Murshidabad to Monghyr, he started war against East India Company Forces on June 10, 1763 with firm conviction to defeat the Company Rule. However, after a crushing defeat , due to the upper hand of British Forces, Mir Khasim, escaped to Ouadh, to further fortify the challenge with the support from Shuja Udd- Daulah, Nawab of Ouadh and Shah Alam- II, the Delhi . Alas’ the destiny was not with Mir Khasim, who was deceived by combined forces of Ouadh and Delhi that remained silent spectators, resulting in his abysmal defeat in the hands of British Forces.

Subsequently,he escaped the battlefield to avoid surrender/arrest and afterwards approached many native rulers to garner the support in the furtherance of war against Britishers. However, after several infructuous attempts to fight back, Mir Khasim Ali Khan died as desolate soul, near Delhi in 1977.

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