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Mosque opens doors for non-Muslims

In a campaign to outreach the non-Muslims, ‘Let’s visit the Mosque’, Masjid Umar Bin Khattab, Ahmedabad has opened its doors to impart them about Islam, the Prophet, Quran and other human values in the core of religion, besides removing misconceptions/ill-conceived notions about the community. Under the initiative, the Imam and other renowned Muslims escorted non-Muslims (150) to visit mosque, observed religious practices like Wudu (Ablution), Live Namaz (Prayer), besides discussing issues: Allah & Islam, Quran & humanity/peace, no compulsion in religion, justice to all, Islamic banking aiming to provide interest free funds to needy, commitment to communal harmony & brotherhood, caution against divisive/anti-national elements etc. The role model for every Muslim, the Prophet’s teaching of tolerance, universal peace and interfaith harmony were highlighted too. Such an initiative goes a long way in strengthening multi-faith understanding and close bonding among the people of different religions.

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