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MP: Two women, one name, one UPSC rank; both claim stake

Two UPSC aspirants who are name twins ie; with the same name, claimed stakes on the 18th rank after the results were released on Tuesday.

The two aspirants, both named Ayasha, from Madhya Pradesh, with the same name and roll number as 7811744, claimed that they have cracked the exam as well as the final round of interviews and achieved the 18th rank. Families of both UPSC aspirants celebrated their successes.

Ayasha Fatima who is the daughter of Nazeerduddin, hails from Dewas. The other Ayasha Makrani is a resident of Alirajpur and is the daughter of Saleemuddin.

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Ayasha Makrani’s family claimed that their daughter worked extremely hard on the UPSC exam and achieved 18th rank. They demanded that the matter be resolved at the earliest if not, they would approach the court.

On the other hand, Nazeeruddin claimed that it is his daughter Ayasha Fatima, who scored the 18th rank and alleged that the other Ayasha has forged her documents.

Meanwhile, officials denied any kind of mistake and said that it is impossible to assign the same roll number and that one might be fake.

Nazeerduddin, father of Ayasha Fatima also claimed that his daughter has cracked the exam and stated that the UPSC officials cannot be this irresponsible. He demanded a thorough inquiry into the matter.

“My daughter is 26 years old, this was her fourth attempt. She appeared with a political science subject. I demand fair and complete investigation,” he said.

When comparing the admit cards the women hold, Ayasha Makrani’s reflects April 25, Thursday, when the personality test was scheduled for. Whereas, Ayasha Fatima’s card reflects April 25, Thursday as the date of the personality test. However, as per the calendar, April 25 was a Tuesday.

Ayasha Makrani’s family claimed that UPSC authorities had mailed and informed them about the name change due to the similarity in the names of the three candidates.

While Ayasha Fatima’s admit card has a UPSC watermark with a QR code, Ayasha Makrani’s card seems like a printing on plain paper with no QR code.

However, the matter is yet to be sorted out and an investigation is underway.

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