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Muslim boy wins Bhagavad Gita competition

Besides being an excellent student, 14-year-old is a volleyball player too.

BENGALURU: Shaik Mohiuddin, a Muslim teenager has won first prize in the Bhagavad Gita competition held by Iskcon at Sanjaynagar.

A standard-9 student of Subhash Memorial English School, Shaik trounced reportedly, a total of 400 participants from 14 schools.

He answered all 41 multiple choice questions related to the Gita correctly, as per reports published in Times Of India.

The youngest son of Shaik Salahuddin, who owns a packaging industry unit and Sabiha Mohammad, residents of Balaji Layout in Hebbal, Shaik credit the success to his grandmother, Afsiya Khanum.

While going through a general knowledge book, Mohiuddin asking questions about the Gita and religions at the age of 11, Sabhiya said.

“I bought him a copy of the Gita and he started to read it with the help of his grandmother. Within six months, he managed to read and understand the entire scripture,” the mother was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

“She helped me understand the Gita. I had read the Quran long ago and after reading the Gita, I felt the larger message in both is the same — upholding of human values. I have begun to read the Bible as well,” he said with a tinge of pride.

Besides being an excellent student, the 14-year-old is a volleyball player too.

Mohiuddin is an inspiration to a lot of people amidst disturbances in the communal fabric in our society.

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