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Muslim group moves Supreme Court over hate speech

A Muslim organisation has approached the Supreme Court seeking action against hate speeches against the community, saying state authorities had failed to act despite complaints.

The plea by Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind, through its president Maulana Syed Mahmood Asad Madani, said “such speeches go beyond the limits of a permitted critical denial of another’s beliefs, and are certainly likely to incite religious intolerance…”.

The plea stated that “insulting Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) is akin to attacking the very foundation of Islam”

The petition says “many violent acts have taken place in which many precious lives have been lost mostly of the people belonging to the weaker section of the society, majority of them belonging to the Muslim community”.

The petition filed by Advocate M R Shamshad said the outfit approached the SC after waiting for a “considerable” amount of time and giving the state authorities time to take appropriate steps for remedial action as well as preventive measures.

“However, it appears that the state authorities have completely failed in this regard,” the plea added.

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