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Muslim youth in Agra take up Sanskrit studies

Muslim youth in Agra city is taking interest in learning Sanskrit in their schools along with other religious books.

When took a survey of an inter-college in the city, it was found that Muslim students especially girls in large numbers were studying Sanskrit.

Mumtaz Khan, a student of Class XII, said that today’s Muslim youth, be it a boy or a girl, reads Quran and religious books. They are studying Sanskrit as well.

Few Muslim girls also got a Bachelor’s degree in Sanskrit from India’s universities.

Mumtaz said that many Muslim families part from religion also want their children to know about worldliness.

Social activist Yogesh Malhotra hailed the efforts of the students. Malhotra told India Today TV, “This is very good that our Indian Muslim girls are taking interest in learning Sanskrit with other holy books.”

He added that it’s important for the country that every student should know they can widen their horizon by learning other subjects as well.

A student at Agra College, Sonam Qureshi said that girls should also learn about world politics and activities.

She said that most Muslim girls used to learn Urdu and read Quran Sharif in the past. But, times have changed. Muslim girls are now seen reading English as well as books of other religion. The change is seen in boys as well.

Nasreen Khan, a class ten student of a girls’ inter college, said that people of religious and radical ideology are imposing their religious sentiment on the new generation, which is completely wrong.

Khan said that presently young men and women are losing their interest in religious matters and trying to contribute in other fields.

In the survey, some seminaries were also seen in which the Muslim youth was being misled.

Another student Wasim Ansari said that religious and radical Muslims have misled Kashmiri students and youth.

Meanwhile, Kamir Qureshi, a member of the Hindustani Biradri, said that when the famous journalist and Ganesh Shankari Vidyarthi founded the organization in 1927, his ambition was to show that we are Hindustani first and religion is secondary.

He added that community should adopt this objective and follow the path of unity and brotherhood of the country.

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