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Muslim youth offers Rs 25,000 for blackening Kamal Haasan’s face

While right wing Hindu activists have been criticising cinestar Kamal Haasan for his controversial remarks, perceived against the community, a Muslim youth leader from Aligarh has also joined the bandwagon and announced a reward of Rs 25,000 for anyone who blackens his face.

Dubbing Kamal Haasan an “anti-national”, who was trying to create a wedge between Hindus and Muslims, Mohd Aamir Rashid, president of Muslim Youths Association in Aligarh said that he would pay the reward to anyone who blackens his face.

Talking to TOI, Rashid said that if Hindus turn “extremists” then no other community in the country would be safe. He said anyone trying to create differences between two communities by such remarks needed to be silenced by cutting his “tongue” too.
He made it explicit that Kamal Haasan wanted to enter politics by making such “strong and provocative” statements.

In his column in a Tamil magazine that hit the stands on Thursday, the 62-year-old actor without mentioning any names had alleged that right-wing outfits had “changed course”.

He had said, “Earlier such Hindu right-wingers, without indulging in violence against those belonging to other religions, made the latter indulge in violence through their arguments and counter arguments”. However, since “this old conspiracy” had begun to fail, the groups are indulging in violence, he wrote. “Extremism is in no way a (mark of) success or growth for those who call themselves Hindus,” wrote the Tamil film icon.

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