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Muslim Youths Advised to Avoid Discussing Afghanistan and Taliban

Let the government of India take a stand on the situation in that country, say prominent Muslim personalities

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NEW DELHI — At least two prominent personalities from the Muslim community have appealed to the public to avoid commenting on the situation in Afghanistan where Taliban have taken over dismissing the US-backed government. At least one personality has directly urged Muslim youths not to engage in debates over Taliban who are viewed with suspicion in India.
The advice to exercise caution has come in the wake of arrest of 14 Muslims in Assam for alleged pro-Taliban posts on social media.
Khalida Parveen, known for her humanitarian interventions in Hyderabad, on Saturday took to Twitter and made passionate appeal to Muslim youths to focus on their own problems instead of Afghanistan or Taliban. She said it was the job of the Ministry of External Affairs to deal with issues outside of the country.

“It takes a lot of time to understand geo-politics and it is not very wise to comment on the Taliban currently,” Parveen was quoted by She was apprehensive that there could be a repeat of what’s happening in Assam, taking place in Hyderabad as well, irrespective of the government.

“My main argument is that young people need to be cautious instead of exhibiting passion and intensity about an issue which is still difficult to comprehend,” she added.

Parveen runs Amoomat Society, a non-profit organisation that works for the welfare of Muslim women.
Meanwhile, Waqf Council member Rais Khan Pathan urged general public not to gives statements on the Afghan crisis that may jeopardise national interest. He said India and Afghanistan have age-old relations. Let the government of India take a stand on the situation in that country.
Taliban assumed power on August 15 forcing Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to flee and take refuge in the UAE.
India has shut its embassy in Kabul and evacuated its diplomatic staff. The government is yet to announce its next step on how to deal with the Taliban regime in Kabul but mixed reactions from commentators have poured in on the issue. A Muslim MP from Samajwadi Party leader in UP who is also an MP Shafiqur Rahman Barq has been booked under sedition for his remarks welcoming Taliban.
On Saturday, Assam Police arrested 14 Muslims from  11 districts of the state. They were caught on the radar of the Assam Police’s Cyber Cell that keeps constant vigil on social media networks, PTI quoted sources as saying.

Deputy Inspector General Violet Baruah told PTI that the Assam Police was taking stern legal action against pro-Taliban comments on social media that are harmful to national security.

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