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Muslims and non-Muslims are equally honourable in the eyes of Quran

The Almighty God has honoured all human beings by his blessings with numerous attributes including the power of intellect and reasoning, insight into good and evil, as well as ability to think and know the God, that the other creatures have not been similarly blessed with. The Prophet Mohammad said: “Certainly, we have honoured the children of Adam. We have made provision of good things for them, and have conferred on them an appropriate excellence over most of those whom we have created” (Quran: 17:70). The Quran accords all human beings that are the children of Adam (peace be upon him) with equal honour and all Muslims and non-Muslims are included in the list of human beings, therefore, in accordance with the Quran, both Muslims and non-Muslims, as human beings, are equally respectable. The verse (17:70) demands everyone to respect each other equally not because they belong to the same religion, caste, creed, belief, thought or action, besides being a kafir (disbeliever), Momin (believer), Mushrik (polytheist), Muwahhid (monotheist), Fasiq (sinner), Zaalim (oppressor), liar, traitor, cheater, honest, black or white, but because they are human beings. The Quran calls all human beings to avoid kufr, shirk, fisq, oppression, dishonesty, theft, treachery, disloyalty and all such acts disliked by God Almighty. However, everyone deserves respect, good treatment and all other rights enshrined in the Quran, such as peace, harmony, sympathy, benevolence, forgiveness, justness and so on.

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