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Muslims are real nationalists: Journalist Anil Chamaria

New Delhi: Exposing the communal BJP and Modi government, noted journalist and social worker Anil Chamaria said that they want to divide the country and one who wants to divide the country can never be a nationalist but is anti-national. While the Muslims are being patient despite such oppression and atrocity. ‘Thus I don’t hesitate to say that Muslims are the real patriots’, he said. He was addressing a press conference organised by ‘Unity Against Hatred’.

Umar Khan’s brother Khurshid, uncles Ilyas and Razzaq, Hafez Junaid’s brother Mohammed Qasim, Taher’s brother Maulana Waheed, Pehlu Khan’s brother Mohammed Ghani, noted social worker Kavita Srivastava, National Secretary Jamat-e-Islami Hind Mohammed Saleem Engineer, former JNU Union leader Rohit Pande and others were present on the occasion. They expressed solidarity with all mob lynching victims inducing Umar Khan and expressed deep anger against communalism.

Anil Chamaria said BJP and Modi government always talks of division and spreads hatred. He pointed out that keeping in view Gujarat election, Amit Shah and Company says that the trio, Hardik, Alpesh and Jignesh represent HAJ. This is being done just to provoke Hindus and polarize.

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