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Muslims: Then and Now.

The first bond between Islam and India occurred with the establishment of a Mosque in Kerala during the Prophet’s era (631 CE). Prophet Muhammad was aware of India as he said that ‘a pleasant breeze is blowing from India’.

Presently, there are about 172 Million Muslims residents in India constituting nearly 14.2 percent of total population (as per census 2011). It meant that India has more Muslims than any other country in the world except Indonesia and Pakistan. Muslims are spread all over India, they range from Azim Premji of Wipro to Dilip Kumar. Three Muslims have become President and there are countless others who have occupied the highest posts – Idris Hasan Latif was Air Force Chief of Staff and Zafar Saifullah was Cabinet Secretary etc.  Additionally, Mohd. Hidayatullah, Aziz Mushabber Ahmadi, Mirza Hameedullah Beg and Altamas Kabir held the office of the Chief Justice of India on various occasions since Independence and many more. Yet, the community is largely uneducated and poor. The question arises as to why Muslims are cut off from commercial and academic trends?

The way to tackle the situation lies with the Muslims of India. They have to overcome the bitterness and to lower the level of religiosity within the community. It is not conducive to good citizenship. The focus has to be on quality education, business, industry and most importantly, gender equality within the community. It depends only upon the Muslims how they uplift their standard of living and support the Government as the present Govt. has launched several beneficial schemes for the Muslims.

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