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Need to defeat malignant Wahhabi ideology

In the backdrop of the recent terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka by radicals / extremists and revelations that the master mind of attacks had Indian connections, the need has been reinforced for both the Indian Muslims and the Indian Government to force effective strategy to prevent the spread of radicalisation especially among the segment of Muslim youths who are in danger of falling prey to the monstrous violent Wahhabi/ Salafi ideology inspiring the Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS. Indian Muslim communities should give up the delusionary denial attitude ( others have committed & not in India), but should introspect seriously analyzing the root causes of such horrific acts of violence, besides, the motivation factor i.e. the extremists religious ideology and indoctrination for perpetrating such a violence.

Wahhabis / Salafism (generically same), the nefarious ideology with two pronged basis i.e. extreme puritanical outlook and a craving to return to the mythical golden period of Islam are responsible for radicalisation in India where Muslims are living peacefully in a multi-religious / multi-ethnic society with full citizenship rights. The follower of above ideology considered themselves to be the ‘true Muslims’ while other Muslims as ‘Taqfiries’, and non-believers as ‘Kafirs’, although the group engaging in such radicalisation is miniscule, the product of mindset shared among a larger number of Muslims especially youth, created a vicious cycle of terrorism which divides people in to the ‘pure & impure stocks’. The insidious ideology has infiltrated in India from troubled land of Western Asia (the origin of ISIS ) including huge immigration to & fro from these countries, a section of India youth executed fascination with reactionary ethos of Islamic terrorist groups i.e. ‘Jihad’. The impact of Wahhabi / Salafi ideology is imperious to Indian ethos of pluralism and syncretic culture, having a terrorist orientation. The community leaders / religious scholars have the primary duty to confront and defeat the malignant Wahabbi / Salafi influence on Indian Muslims in order to preserve liberal values / ‘Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb’. The community should not allow repetition of Lankan horror in India, besides, being seriously cautious against preventing Muslim youths from falling prey to the trap of extremist propaganda passed off in the garb of ‘true religion’. The Indian state is duty bound not to shirk its responsibility of reassuring Muslims of security and fair treatment. A collective strategy on the part of the State , as well as the Muslim scholars / readers to counter the vicious ideology, simultaneously developing the suitable antidotes / counter narrative to reaffirm faith of masses in traditional heritage of harmony and brotherhood is the need of hour.

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