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No more politics over Delhi riots; let the justice takes its own course

Communal riots in the national capital in February this year, which was the culmination of a pro-long anti-CAA protest across the country, was one of the most shameful incidents the country has ever witnessed. While the political activists, NGOs and so called guardians of Muslim community remained unaffected and did not lose anything, the violent clash by the pro- and anti-CAA protesters claimed 53 innocent lives from both Hindu and Muslim communities, who had nothing to do with the protests. More than 200 people also sustained injuries. Now, the police and Special Investigation Teams are in the process of submitting charge sheets against the perpetrators of violence, which include both Hindus and Muslims. The history of Indian judiciary gives the hope that the people involved in this deep routed conspiracy against the State, irrespective of their positions, would be brought to justice.

Despite announcements by the highest political leadership from different platforms that the Citizenship Amendment Act will not deprive any Indian including the Muslims of his citizenship, anti-Indian forces, aided by vested interests, with a design to demean the image of India, had then created an impression that CAA will deprive millions of Muslims of Indian citizenship. Now there are apprehensions that such divisive forces, who were responsible for the loss of several innocent lives, will again try to give a Hindu-Muslim colour to the charge sheets on the Delhi riots, to malign the police administration and the Government. In the time of Corona pandemic when both the Hindus and the Muslims are fighting the virus together, people should no more get swayed by these divisive forces and remain firm behind the police administration and the judiciary, which have proved their efficacy in delivering justice time and again.

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