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Nobody can dare touch Muslim citizens: Defence Minister

Meerut: In an attempt to allay apprehensions prevailing among Muslims,

Defence Minister
Rajnath Singh on Wednesday said that nobody can dare touch any Indian Muslim. He
told this while addressing a rally in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act
in Meerut.

Dismissing apprehensions that the community will be targeted if the National Population Register and National Register of Citizens are brought in, Mr Singh said: “… But they say you are making NPR register and then you will bring NRC and banish all Muslims. I want to tell Muslims present here that nobody can dare touch any Muslim who is an Indian citizen. I want to assure you. If anyone has any complaint they can come to us… we will stand with that Muslim citizens.” NDTV quoted him as saying.

Mr Singh cautioned forces
which are attempting to “create a divide” between Hindus and Muslims
over the Citizenship Amendment Act.

Singh said, by enacting the bill, India has fulfilled its “moral
duty” for religious minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh who
have been living a “life of misery”. He rejected claims that Muslims
will be forced to leave the country.

While claiming that no
discussion on NRC has been made, he questioned: “But, suppose a country wants
to create a national register of citizens, why should there be an objection to
it? Shouldn’t there be a document for people to seek benefits of government

Asserting that even
Mahatma Gandhi wanted that Indian government should be sensitive towards
minorities of neighbouring countries if they face religious persecution there,
he said: “We have done what Gandhiji had said (by bringing CAA). Did we
commit a crime?”

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