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Non-Muslim students serve Iftar to their Muslim friends in Bidar

While the country faces religious disharmony, the students of the Shaheen group of institutions belonging to different faiths have organised Iftar for their Muslim friends in Karnataka’s Bidar, setting a perfect example of fraternity.

The month being Ramazan, the students have made an effort to prepare iftar plates loaded with fruits, fried items, and Rooh Afza (fruit drink) on daily basis.

While the Muslim students break their fast in the evening, their non-Muslim friends serve them food and drinks on dastarkhwan (dining spread).

MS Education Academy

While they actively engage in preparing iftar, a Hindu student said, “We find peace in doing this and we also want to be a part of Ramadan.”

Wishing ‘Ramzan Mubarak’ to everyone, the student also said that she feels happy witnessing an environment like this.

This act of unity and friendship between students of different faiths highlights the importance of mutual respect and understanding that still prevails in many areas of the nation.

Another student, who volunteered at the event said that it was the first time that she has experienced Ramzan and added, “I really feel lucky in helping Iftar for my Muslim friends.”

Lauding the efforts of the students, the founder of the institution, Dr Abdul Qadeer said that it is overwhelming to see the suited spirit among students.

As many as 4500 participate in the Iftar programme daily.

“On our campus, Muslim and non-Muslim students observe the Iftar daily, while Muslims break their fast, the non-Muslim students serve them while they send out messages of peace and love,” said Abdul Qadeer.

He further hopes and says that he prays that these students in the future lead to the betterment of society and the nation by setting an example of religious harmony.

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