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NPR: States issue re-notification

New Delhi: All states have issued re-notification of the National Population Register (NPR), while Kerala and West Bengal have communicated to the Centre to put NPR on hold, government sources said.

New additions in 2021

Sources further shared that among the new additions in 2021 are that the question related to the gender of head of the household had ‘male or female’ options in 2011, but this time ‘transgender’ option has been added.

Also, there was a question on “Toilet within the premise” in 2011, but this time enumerators will ask about the “access to toilet” and they will ask whether the toilet is shared, exclusive for the family or public, sources said.

Banking facility

Unlike 2011, availing of banking facility will be asked in second phase this time.

The enumerators will have a mobile with a special mobile application. The mobile application has been tested, they added.

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