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One who repents, enjoys Allah’s pleasure

During the time of Prophet Musa, there was a horrible famine/drought. All the people, who were not even able to offer their children a drop of water to drink, rushed to Musa and requested him to pray the almighty to shower his blessings on them in the form of rain. Reacting to their pleas, Musa assembled around 75,000 followers from his community in an open ground and started praying the Allah to shower mercy on the affected population. After a series of prayers, there was a divine voice from the sky addressing the people and asking Musa to get rid of the sinful person from his society, who had been committing blasphemy to God for more than forty years. Thus, sins after sins were accumulated in his account, entitling him of punishment. It was further elaborated that as long as the sinful person continued to live unpunished, the entire society would suffer from famine and drought.

Angry Musa shouted at the gathering and asked the sinful person to come out for repentation of his misdeeds voluntarily. Meanwhile, the so called sinful person was ashamed/ humiliated, realizing his mistakes. He clandestinely without expressing his identity, prayed Allah to forgive him for all his mistakes and bowed of an ideal life thereafter as prescribed by Allah. Accepting his confession, Allah showered mercy in the form of rains and subsequent abundance of food. Surprised Musa enquired Allah, how the drought situation came to an end? Allah replied that he had forgiven the culprit although his identity was hidden from the public. Allah further told that he would not reveal his name to avoid his humiliation / defamation .

This, anecdote certifies that Allah’s mercy is to the person who repents for his mistakes and seeks forgiveness of the creator wholeheartedly. Hence, everyone should be truthful to himself and immediately accept his mistake whenever it was committed. If one has distracted himself from the right path, the almighty is there to forgive and help him to return to the correct way.

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