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Opinion Lessons from Corona Virus pandemic


Humanity is stunned with an exponential growth of corona virus across the globe. This pandemic has created chaotic situations across the globe. It has become a major health hazard to humanity. so many conspiracy theories are coming out about this deadly virus. It is reported this virus is deliberately created for some financial and political domination. We do not know if humanity could know the truth about this mysterious virus. According to David ICKE, one of the famous conspiracy theorists, this virus is created by some politico and technocratic cults to control world’s economic and financial powers.
Yet, now, it has misfired and created unprecedented consequences. (please see the full interview of David ICCKE on London Real: (The truth behind the coronavirus pandemic covid-19: lockdown and economic crash). I’m not an economist to gauge the financial impacts of this tragedy and yet, what lessons humanity could learn from this uncontrollable epidemic disease? Whether we like or not this world is ruled today by some greedy economic thugs and cults. These political mafia will do any thing to protect their political and financial power. They do not mind how many million people are being killed in their geopolitical hegemony. Today, there is not any moral or ethical value in modern politics. I do not know whether this is a man-made disaster or natural disaster and yet, it has created a huge amount of suffering and hysteria among public.

No doubt this virus is going to teach numbers of lessons to humanity. It has made humanity to kneel in front of divine power. It has shocked world leaders. It has stunned medical professionals. It has made world economies to crumple. It has brought bustling world into a standstill. A tiny invisible army of corona virus is threating entire humanity with its magic power. Modern man has been boasting with his technological and scientific advancement in recent decades. Yet, today, he cannot stand in front of this tiny invisible divine creature. What does it tell us? It tells us that there is a super-power behind all universal events in this world. No, a big or small event take place without divine wisdom and divine plan. This virus has been inflicting people indiscriminately. It does not discriminate between rich and poor, between old and young, between males and females and between weak and strong. No one is immune from the merciless attack of this tiny virus. The rulers and public are equally affected. This invisible creature teaches humanity so many lessons. It tells that man is weak and feeble in front of divine power. It tells us humanity depends on some supernatural or divine power for its protection and survival. It tells us humanity needs divine mercy and divine grace. It tells us humanity is always in needs of divine help. It tells us that life and death are in the hands of God. It tells us what doctors can do and what they can not do in time of emergency like this. More than 13000 people perished but doctors could do little to save them. More than 300 hundred thousands people are inflicted with this deadly virus and yet, doctors could do little to prevent people from inflicting with this virus.

It teaches world leaders a bitter lesson not to be arrogant. So called veto powered countries have been arrogant with their nuclear and high-tech weapons. In fact, some countries have been spreading corruption and creating trouble in many parts of the world, all those leaders should know that there is a super-divine power (God) to take them into account. This virus has made them realise that their power and their technologies can not stand in front of divine power. We see a widespread of injustice, mass killings, corruption, exploitation, and transgression. Innocent people are being killed for no reasons in thousands and yet, world leaders did nothing to prevent the mass murders across the globe. Now these leaders should realise there is a God to take them into account.

How many million people may have been affected by wars in all these third world countries? How many million people may have cried for help? How many thousand children may have been killed in all these wars? Some world leaders have behaved with arrogance in many international affairs. People of Palestine have been suffering for 70 years. Yet, US, Russian, China and all western countries have been supporting aggressive Israel. Similarly, India has been persecuting innocent Kashmir people and yet, no one dared to question India. This tiny virus may be a divine warning to all these pharaohs to amend their mistakes.

So called rationalists and atheists have been mocking and ridiculing divine power and super-natural powers. Europe is full of these rationalists and atheists. They have been challenging divine power and divine existence. I think that this contagious virus is teaching a bitter lesson for all those who deny divine existence. More recently, Yuval Noah Harari: an Israel historian and atheist has been mocking divine power and he has claimed that AI will conquer divine power and religion. He has claimed that AI will fulfil all human needs and man no longer in need of religious and divine guidance. Yet, with the spread of this deadly virus, God has demonstrated his power and we saw how people are begging divine intervention to protect them from this deadly disease.
Today, many world leaders are arrogant with their political power and they do not follow any religious guidance or any moral or ethical value. Chinese ruling elites do not respect religious values of its own people. The Chinese government cares only about its material gains at the expense of moral and ethical values. It has been persecuting its own people for its grip on power and likewise, the Russian government has been persecuting its own people for its grip on people. Contrary to this, people in western countries enjoy freedom and democratic values and yet, their leaders are trapped in geopolitical cold wars between world powers. Behind the scene, so many geopolitical cold wars take place between all these powerful countries. unfortunately, innocent people have become victims of all these hidden cold wars.

World leaders must stop stockpiling weapons of mass destruction. Rather they must act swiftly to protect humanity from poverty, starvation, and famines. People are going to die out of this panic across the globe. Millions of people struggle to make end meets each day in the world. Yet, rich countries do not have any remorse on these poor people who die across the globe out of poverty and starvation. God has given humanity a golden opportunity to amend its past mistake. 1% of supper rich have been controlling 90% of world wealth, while million of people live on one dollar to survive. This disparity can not go for a long time in this modern world. Humanity should be united to encounter these capitalistic pharaohs of modern world.


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