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‘Our state is burning. Save it…’: Ravish Kumar’s appeals Biharis

NEW DELHI: Ravish Kumar is well-known Hindi television news anchor and writer who covers topics pertaining to Indian politics and society.

Recently, the noted TV anchor made an emotional appeal to the people of Bihar following the violence during Ram Navami celebration procession.

Following are his golden words.

My dear Biharis,

Our state is burning. Save it.
There is no good in this Tamasha.
There are some reasons for the riots.
He threw it first then he later said this.
The police came to help them, did not come for our help.
The leder come to their house, not our house.
Throwing the cow’s meat somewhere then throwing pork is something like that.
It’s all way old.
Why do you have these problems?
News of tension is coming from many districts.
Do not lose your brotherhood in the these leader’s affair.
They will come and go but you have to stay in your city.
On the crossroads, knock on the neighbor’s door.
Say that you are against this mentality of riots.
Whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim, police station and temple mosque, you will not reach anywhere. Your children will be charged. In the police book, they will be accused of rioting and taking advantage of your fake rage, the leader will get benefited. Be vigilant.
If someone has done something, then forgive him. Power has failed. It did not have the courage to make eye contact with the promises made to you.
They cannot come, screaming that look, they said, they did.
They should pretend to smoke rising from raging flames so that they take your vote secretly under its cover.
Your house must have been burning, the crown shining on their heads.
Your argument against them will be correct, but do not let the other debate change in hate.
Express frustration or displeasure or disappointment but do not burn shops. Do not throw stones at anyone. Do not take anybody’s life.
You see! What is the condition of your colleges? Lakh of students are not getting a BA degree, some are not able to complete their engineering. Some are not getting job, and very cleverly these leaders have intertwined you in the Hindu-Muslim fight. You are being make rioters.
Whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim, stop being rioters yourself. Take the case back and get hug.
You are a good citizen. It is still time to come back from your anger. Leave it there and get hug.
The leader is burning your house so where are you? Where is Bihar. You guys come out and save this state.
Leaders do not want a powerful voter anymore, they need a voter who has got tousled in the riots, who do not take account for their false promises.
Hopefully you will give yourself a chance to explain. Do not give yourself a chance to become rioter.

Ravish Kumar

Listen to his appeal….

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