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Parents perform last rites of daughter after she gets married with a Muslim youth

Funeral held for girl for marrying non-Hindu at Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur

BHOPAL : Upset over their daughter marrying a man from different religion, her parents in Madhya Pradesh’s Jabalpur performed last rites and disowned her.

The Jabalpur family performed ‘pind-dan’ and ‘mrityu bhoj’ in the name of their alive daughter.

The family also distributed condolence cards to inform relatives and the members of the society about the ‘death’ of their daughter on April 2′.

Jabalpur-based Brahmin family on Sunday reached Gwarighat of holy river Narmada where they performed the last rites and other post-death rituals.

The family did this soon after a marriage reception party (walima) was organised by the woman’s in-laws. Already upset with interfaith marriage, the family felt humiliated after seeing the invitation card of the post-marriage reception party, which mentioned that “Hindu girl has changed her religion and became Muslim.”

Upset with the developments, the woman’s family staged a protest at Jabalpur district SP office, which was supported by right wing Dharma Sabha. The family alleged that the marriage was conducted under the conspiracy of ‘love jihad’.

However, according to the district administration, the couple got married on January 4. Administration also claimed that both families were informed about the marriage before its registration. However, the woman’s mother told the press that her daughter had ‘deceived’ the family by getting married without their knowledge.

Local police also released a statement confirming that the “marriage had occurred with the consent of both families. It also stated that the woman’s family had even provided various gifts for the wedding.” — IANS

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