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Poem: I Have Friends Who Came Back From War

Written by: Emily Bentley



I have friends who came back from war

their eyes hollowed out like the stomachs of guitars

However unlike guitars

they no longer knew

how to make music out of themselves

they said

after sometime all dead hands look the same

if there was ever a time our lives hung on our resistance it is now

our water is poisoned, our prisons are overflowing with racism, our borders are sick of

cradling the bodies of children who dared to try and find refuge

Yes the darkness is loud

Yes the night is coming

But listen to that hymn of the blood in your wrists

it is telling you the greatest secret

that we are alive to help each other live

yes, we are weak,

yes, we are tired,

yes, we are all carrying grief in the peach pits of our hearts

but remember this

in the holy Quran Allah said

he created humanity out of his breath

and dust

if our lives are a collection of the breath of the most holy

and the soil of this earth

then our power is unlimited and our time is now


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