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Proactive Counter-radicalisation policy: To defeat radicalisation

In the backdrop of Pulwama attack by a young fidayeen from JeM and Jammu grenade incident by a teenager allegedly belonging to Pakistan based terrorist outfit, there is an urgent need to engage the youths of J&K so as to check their being sentimentally exploited by the proscribed terrorist outfits. These dastardly attacks of the radicalized youth due to inspiration/motivation from abroad is rather engulfing the large local population systematically. The efforts to counter this major challenge, however, appear to be slow and lacks a comprehensive as well as a well laid concrete policy at the end of governance and community leaders as well. It is noticed that internet-facilitated indoctrination is an important factor leading to conflagration of radical ideas. Any attempt at effectively countering this must address at all the pitfalls with apprehensions of violence and further radicalisation. In this regard, the subtle role of counter-radicalisation, besides propagation of pluralistic, benevolent aspects of Islam would also include active onslaught against radical elements. All this should simultaneously deal with rehabilitation, reformation and prevention of already radicalized section by active counseling support of the individual family, community and religious leaders as well as domain experts including the psychologist. It is also relevant that direct involvement of law-enforcement agency/government is viewed suspiciously by the vulnerable minority and should be avoided. The absence of proactive policy and updated legal framework, besides other efforts to thwart radicalisation only frustrates the progress in this direction. In Indian context due to the federal system of governance all such C-Rad initiative should be analysed, disseminated, besides being coordinated at the highest level. Radicalisation will continue to metastasise unless this interregnum is utilized for analyzing empirical data and conducting meaningful research to strengthen a resulting oriented C-rad infrastructure.

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