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Propagation of core religious values: Frontline role of Ulama

Religion has always played a dominant role in shaping the identities/thoughts of the people with a core purpose to know God vis-a-vis human life, in order to promote a better symbiotic harmony in the world. Often, religiously motivated extremism/radicalism creates a counter current to despoil pluralism, tolerance and inter-faith dialogue, quoting ‘clash of civilizations’/atavistic tendencies.

The role of Ulama in present scenario is to direct the people towards fostering an environment of peace, justice and syncretic values which is more relevant in India, the land of composite culture, diversity and the traditional Hindu-Muslim brotherly equations. Indian Ulama, although contributed buttressing co-existential habitat in the past, require further efforts to strengthen human bonding through writing books, spear-heading movements, delivering sermons (khutbas and fatwas), appealing gatherings i.e. congregations, public supplications and stressing the need of social services, inter-alia stressing on Quranic quotes, Prophet’s teachings and edicts/instances from Ahadith.

Thus, communal harmony, co-existential relations among people of different faith, social reforms and peace, represent the core values and foundation objectives of Islam, which are required to be included by Ulama in their preaching/propagations, besides highlighting that a true Muslim would require to inculcate above values as religious duty and to coming closer to God and Godly traits.

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