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Prophet ushers the righteous to the creator

The Prophet had extra ordinary relationship with his companions: “I have seen Caeser and Chosroes in the pomp, but never have I seen a man honoured as Muhammad by his comrades” (Urwah ibn Mas’ud). The Prophet, a unique person acted as a link between the people and their creator through presenting himself as a debonair example which the believers should emulate in order to receive the blessings of Allah. Practice of benediction (salawat), circumambulating the Ka’ba are the part of keep reminding Muslims of the Prophet’s message to them that their ultimate goal is the ‘pleasure of Almighty’.

The Prophet was aimed to transmit Allah’s wish to the believers by stressing on attributes like peace, harmony, justice, honesty, compassion, humanity, etc. in order to create/strengthen a cohesiveness and collective inhabitation among human race including the coordination with other living beings: animals and plants. In some, Allah is pleased and allows entry to those who follow Prophet’s teachings in world and spirit.

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