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Prophetic Medicine Council launched to organize its practitioners  

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New Delhi :  With an aim to promote Prophetic medicine (Al-Tibb al-nabawī) in the country, Kerala based Traditional Prophetic Medicine Association Trust (TPMAT) has launched the Supreme Twibb Council.  The Council will provide a platform to Prophetic Medicine physicians and doctors and it will also provide training for those doctors who are interested in practicing Prophetic Medicine.

Council president Dr Muhammed Gafoor Saquafi said the idea of forming the council came after the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has recognized Prophetic medicine as one of the Alternative Medicines and the Supreme Court ruling for Practice of Alternative Medicine. He said the Prophet Medicine Trust filed a petition in the Supreme Court in this connection.

“Moreover various orders have been obtained by Prophetic Medicine Institutes from the Central Government regarding this. Based on this and Central Act 1882, the Traditional Prophetic Medicine Practitioners Association Trust was registered and Supreme Twibb Council was formed under it”.

In Islam Prophetic medicine is the advice given by the prophet Muhammad with regards to sickness, treatment and hygiene as found in the hadith, and the writings undertaken primarily by non-physician scholars to collect and explicate these traditions.

It is to mention here that it was in 2014 that Prophetic Medicine was honoured as a Complementary medicine system by the Alternative Medicine senate via the Alma Atta declaration of the WHO.

The WHO’s country office has informed this to the Ministry of AYUSH through a letter.

In 2017 the Health and Family Welfare Ministry of the Central Government enlisted Prophetic Medicine as Alternative Medicine and this status was published. Later on various Prophetic Medicine private Institutions were formed at various places in India. Since Prophetic Medicine is listed as Alternative Medicine naturally it obtains the status of Independent Practice given to Alternative Medicine practitioners by the Supreme Court.

The bylaws of the Council were drafted on the basis of a pending petition given by the Trust to the Supreme Court which consists of the legal sides of Prophetic Medicine.  Dr Gafoor Saqafi said the Council has a structure of giving membership to scientific scholars and traditional scholars in different categories. It is planning to give national membership and to make training Institutes across the country, he said and added that Delhi will be made as a base for the activities of the council.

For further inquiry contact Council Co-coordinator is Dr. Muhamed Ameer Irfan # 9961188741 and 7736288210

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