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Protests against rape and murder of minor Kathua girl erupt in Valley

By Muslim Mirror Desk

Even after Crime Branch arrested the accused police officer Deepak Khajuria, protests over rape and murder of eight-year old Kathua girl Asifa cease to subside. The protests headed by civil society and various student and trade organisations are being held across the state of Jammu And Kashmir (J&K) to demand justice for the deceased.

The girl’s body was found on January 17, seven days after she went missing. She had been allegedly raped and strangled, said police. Within a day, a minor boy living with his uncle in Rasana was arrested and placed in a juvenile home. This month, two Special Police Officers from the area, Deepak Khajuria and Surinder Verma, were held on charges of rape and murder.

In an interview to, Talib Hussain, a tribal activist who is spearheading the protests for seeking justice to girl’s family, said “The circumstantial evidence suggests that she was brutally raped and then murdered. Three of her ribs were broken, a leg fractured and bites marks all over the body and an attempt were made to crush her with the stones and she had marks on her body as if she was given electric shocks. We questioned Kathua police that how was it possible for a 15-year-old boy to single-handedly commit such a brutal crime.”


Communal tensions had flared in the area when Hindu Ekta Manch – a Hindu rightwing organisation affiliated to RSS, along with the ruling Bhartiya Janta Party’s state secretary, on February 15 carried out a protest march in Jammu to demand the release of the accused police officer.

In the latest development government ordered case to be handed over to CBI. However, Mohammad Yaseen Khan, Chairman of the Kashmir Economic Alliance has alleged government of hushing up the case by handing it over to CBI.

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