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Qazi Refuses to Solemnise ‘Nikah’ Till DJ is Stopped

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KANPUR — The shaher qazi in Kanpur refused to conduct a ‘nikah’ (marriage), saying that the DJ band and fireworks at the ceremony were against the ‘Shariah’ laws.

He agreed to perform the ‘nikah’ only after the groom’s family apologised for their conduct and stopped the DJ and the fireworks. The high-voltage drama lasted for nearly two hours.

According to reports, the marriage of the son of a businessman from Talaq Mahal area was to be solemnised with a girl in Jajmau area two days ago.

A band accompanied the marriage procession and there were fireworks too.

“When the procession reached the marriage venue, the DJ-band started playing and there were fireworks which annoyed shahar qazi Maulana Mushtaq Mushahidi who refused to conduct the marriage. The matter reached the senior members of the family, who made the groom’s family and guests — who were dancing to the DJ music — apologise,” said a source.

The Qazi said, “Band-DJ and fireworks are un-Islamic, besides being a sheer waste of money. After they apologised, I agreed to conduct the nikah. Wherever such things happen, I will not conduct the marriage.” — IANS

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