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Questions and Answers About Islam

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1) What does the concept (idea) of Risalah mean in Islam?
Risalah is Allah’s way of communication and sending messages to humans on earth. Two other concepts of the religion are Tawhid and Akirah. Tawhid is the oneness of Allah and the absolute, the lone and the unity creations and Akirah is the belief in everlasting life after death.

2) Who was Muhammad and how is he linked to the concept of Risalah for Muslims?
Muhammad was the last profit from god and was the only profit that knew what god said exactly. He told another person (Muhammad himself was illiterate) who wrote it down in a book called the Qur’an (Which is like the Bible for Muslims). He is linked to Risalah because he was a prophet and his was contacted by an angle called Gabriel.

3) Describe the 3 different was Allah is believed to have communicated with humans.
The 3 different ways that Allah communicated with humans are:
Through the Quran, this is what Muslims, follow and pray from.
By Angles like when Muhammad met Gabriel (the angle) in the cave when he was praying.
The 3rd way that Allah has communicated with humans is through profits like Muhammad (the last profit) and Jesus (an earlier profit).

4) Explain how belief in the concept of Risalah and the different forms it can take might affect the life of a Muslim today.
One of the ways the concept of Risalah affects the life of a Muslim is through the belief in profits or messengers from Allah. They might affect a Muslim as Muslims may look up to them as a role model. For example in Islam male children are sometimes called Muhammad after the prophet in the hope that the child will adapt his good virtues and become just like him.
Another way that Risalah might affect Muslims is that it makes Muslims feel like they are being watched and that they should behave properly to show the “angles” that they are following Islam properly so that they go to paradise and that they find peace with Allah.
As well as that a way Muslims get affected by Risalah is the belief in the angels. This might affect a Muslim as they always feel like they are being watched. For example they always wash before praying as they want to show the angels and god himself that they are being good Muslims and will always be.

5) Believing in Risalah is the most important belief for a Muslim.

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The statement “Belief in Risalah is the most important belief for a Muslim” means that Allah’s way of communicating to humans is the most important things for Muslims to believe in.
In a discussion some people might agree with this statement because their lives are based around what Muhammad said which had been said through Risalah through Gabriel the angel and without Risalah the there would be no Islam.
People may also believe this statement because Risalah are the messages straight from Allah so they are what Allah wanted them to do and they are the only way humans could communicate with him.
Finally people might believe that without Risalah the Qur’an would not exist and it is the thing that Muslims follow and pray from five times a day.
Other people might disagree with the statement “Belief in Risalah is the most important belief for a Muslim” for a number of reasons. Firstly, people might believe that saying this is just like worshiping an idol/statue/painting and Muslims know that worshiping an idol/statue/painting is very bad in Allah’s eyes and have made it so there was no picture of Muhammad so no one would worship his picture and it is the same with Allah, there are no pictures of him so that Muslims only worship the belief instead of the picture.
Another reason is the belief in Tawid another one of the Muslims major beliefs which means the oneness of god and some Muslims think that this is the most important belief as without Allah Islam would not have started.
I agree with the statement “Belief in Risalah is the most important belief for a Muslim” because if it wasn’t for Risalah no one would have any belief in Islam and they would believe in idols like before Islam was created people used to worship statues, and without Risalah gods message would have never reached them.
However I also disagree with the statement “Belief in Risalah is the most important belief for a Muslim” because without Tawid or the oneness of Allah there would be no Islam at all as there would only be the idols/statues/painting everyone worshiped before Allah sent his message through Gabriel and Muhammad, and without Tawid there would be no Risalah.
To conclude overall in my opinion I disagree with the statement “Belief in Risalah is the most important belief for a Muslim” as it is important but I Tawid is what Muslims should believe that is the most important.

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