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Quran’s guidance is meant for everyone

Allah Almighty says, ‘This is the Book (Quran) in which there is no doubt, in it there is guidance for the Pious’ (2:2).

Above verse explicitly holds that Quran has been revealed for the welfare of human race and not religion believer/non-believer specific, rather it is ‘guidance for the people’. The book defines this universal reach as ‘rain is for vegetation, i.e. the rain benefits vegetation, while it also rains on the barren land’. In fact, only a pious (Muttaqin) is entitled for Quranic blessings and such a person would always be an embodiment of humanity, justice, peace, tolerance and brotherhood. Indeed, a Musalman (Mussalam/ wholesomely, Iman/faith) is in substance, a specimen of ‘total believer in the creator and the creations, thus denoting that the Muslim is merely a religious nomenclature. A believer must refrain from all worldly evils against human values i.e. violence, hatred and divide. About the piety (Taqwa) Islam states that ‘So it is; and whoever reveres the symbols of Allah – this is then part of the piety (Taqwa) of the hearts’ (22:32) & ‘Parents, relatives and needy, in accordance with tradition; this is the duty of the pious’ (2:180). There is no compulsion in religion, which is evident from the verse, ‘O mankind! Worship your Lord, who has created you and those before you, in the hope of attaining piety’ (2:21). The Almighty does never shower his blessings on a dishonest/evil hearted person, ‘And Allah does not guide the unjust’ (9:109).

Above verses approves that revelations/Prophetic teachings are aimed to good of the humanity and the radicals/terrorists perpetrating inhuman acts, by misinterpreting Quran, are not ‘true Muslims’.

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