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Rahamatullah Sayani : Freedom Fighter who was committed to interfaith harmony

Rahamatullah Sayani born on April 5, 1847 a, Bombay was one of the 72 member of the first session of Indian National Congress (1885) and a first English educated Muslim (Post Graduate-1868). Later after obtaining Law Degree he became a skilled advocate in Bombay judiciary, wherein he filed/contested several cases of Public Welfare as well as for the freedom fighters persecuted by the British Government. Rahamtullah had also been the Mayor of Bombay Municipal Corporation (1988), Bombay Legislative Council besides the member of Imperial Legislative Council in 1896. He presided over the 12th session of Indian National Congress. Sayani was a strong votary of communal harmony and cultural assimilation between Hindus and Muslim communities. Besides, remaining pro-active in the field of inter-faith equations and peace. He used to appeal Muslims to join the National movement and the Congress in order to fight together India’s Independence along with their Hindu brethren. He was pivotal in exhorting Muslims to join the freedom movement. He remained in the forefront exhorting the people of his community against Britishers’ exploitation of Indian resources and the countrymen. After deep/authentic study of the then taxation agrarian and famine problems of Indian people, he worked hard to safeguard the interest of Indian masses to liberate them from the clutches of the British rules. Rahamtullah remained involved in amelioration of people’s lives and emphasized on the communal harmony. He passed away on June 4, 1902 and would remain alive in golden letters in the history of the national movement of India


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