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Ram won’t help BJP, Mahants and Sadhus never seen helping people in calamities’ : Socialist Party

Sadhus, saints meet Yogi over early construction of Ram Temple at Ayodhya

By M M News

New Delhi: The Socialist Party Tuesday slammed RSS/BJP for raising the Ayodhya dispute saying Ram will not help BJP’s sagging political fortunes  who has broken all promises made to people for coming to power in 2014. It called upon the people to maintain peace and communal harmony as the mandir won’t solve any pressing problems.

Senior party leader Pannalal Surana said has underlined that “Ram Mandir is of no use for solving pressing problems like unemployment or unremunerative prices for agricultural produce faced by a thousand million persons born in Hindu families”.

He also criticized Mahants and Sadhus who have been playing into the hands of RSS/BJP.

“All those Mahants and Sadhus who are never seen helping the people when natural calamities like earthquake or cyclone hit any part of the country, are now raising the demand to construct Ram Mandir at the place where Babri Masjid stood before being vandalised by the communal Hindutva groups.

Socilaist leader alleged that Sadus are doing so only at the behest of the RSS/BJP who are getting desperate to face the electorate because the Modi government has failed to deliver on the tall promises made at the last Lok Sabha elections. Like a drowning person trying to catch any straw to save life, BJP is now turning to Ram, he added.

“Instead of ‘Achhe Din’, the people are facing ‘Bure Din’ because of demonetisation of currency notes, imposition of intricacies of linking Adhar to ration card or application for debt relief or bank account etc.”.

He said it is unpardonable crime calling Modi an incarnation of Ram as a  large number of Indians look to Ram as an embodiment of high moral virtues like ‘Ek Wachani’ (ready to pay with his life for redeeming the promise given earlier) who would not like to help the BJP and Narendra Modi  for breaking so many promises.

“Socialist Party believes that by calling Modi an incarnation of Ram by a so-called Sant is in fact disrespect to Ram and an unpardonable crime.”

He said those occupying high seats of power know it full well that our Constitution does not permit the State to construct a building for religious purposes of any religion or sect.

Pannalal warned that high pitch clamour for Ram Mandir “at that place only” may ignite communal riots at a few places and urged the people to maintain peace.

“In such a sensitive situation Socialist Party appeals to the people at large to maintain peace and harmony and forge unity to defeat the ruling clique in the next general elections”.


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