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Ramadan 2022: Moon sighted in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other Arab states

Ramadan moon is spotted in various parts of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other Arab States Friday 29th of Shaban 1443 AH corresponding to April 1, 2022

Ramadan 2022 Moon Announcement: Ramadan moon is spotted in various parts of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and other Arab States Friday 29th of Shaban 1443 AH corresponding to April 1, 2022.

“The crescent moon marking the beginning of the holy month of Ramadan was sighted today in Qatar”, The Crescent Sighting Committee at the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Qatar and authorities
in UAE announced Friday.

Accordingly, the Holy month of fasting will begin in these countries from Saturday April 02, 2022.

Simultaneously, Traweeh prayers, Special Night Prayers in Ramadan, will begin in the Grand Mosque Makkah, The Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid Nabawi) in Madinah, and other mosques across the Arab world from today i.e. Friday April 1, 2022.

06:45 pm (Makkah Times): The Ramadan Moon has been spotted at various locations in Saudi Arabia, Haramain Sharifain, official handle of the News Publication Haramain Sharifain – the two Holy Mosques, said in a statement.

“The Crescent of Ramadan 1443/ 2022 was SEEN in multiple Locations in Saudi Arabia, subsequently 1st Ramadan 1443 will be on Saturday, 2nd April 2022”, it said.

The official announcement by the Saudi Roya Court is expected any moment.

Meanwhile, moon committees and religious authorities are meeting in UAE (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Qatar, Kuwait, Yemen, Jordan, Turkey and other Arab states. Official confirmation from these countries is expected any moment.

06:30 pm (Makkah Time): The Ramadan Moon is sighted at Taif observatory using CCD camera, though the official announcement on beginning of the Holy Month of fasting is expected shortly.

“The Ramadan crescent was observed using a CCD camera. We will track the crescent until sunset and announce the results of the search”, the Taif Observatory said in a statement.

05:00 pm (Makkah Time): The Saudi Supreme Court, and moon committees in UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and other Arab and Middle East countries will start their meeting soon after sunset Friday.

According to the local officials, the main committee is seated in Saudi city of Sudair and led by the astronomy department of Al Majmah University chaired by Chief Astronomer Abdullah Al Khudairi. Secondary Committees are seated in Tumair, Riyadh, Makkah and other cities.

“The skies are clear in Tumair, Saudi Arabia with a temperature of 34°C. Sunset time in Tumair is 18:13 PM (Makkah Time)”, officials said.

12:30 pm (Makkah Time): The Saudi Royal Court will hold a meeting after Maghreb prayers today to analys Ramadan moon report if any.

“The Supreme Court’s special session will sit and deliberate on Friday evening the results of the crescent search and will issue a decision shortly after Isha Prayers”, loca media reported.

The Kingdom’s main observations are made from Sudair and Tumair and sightings from these cities are part of the official decision.

06:30 AM (Makkah Time): Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Turkey and other Arab states in the Middle East will sight the Ramadan 2022 moon (Ramadan Moon Sighting 1443) today i.e. Friday April 01, 2022 and confirm the start date of the Holy Month of Fasting.

The Supreme Court of Saudi Arabia has issued a formal appeal to all Muslims in the Kingdom and around to spot the crescent, the Ramadan Moon, today i.e. Friay 29th Sha’ban 1443 H, corresponding to April 01, 2022.

In a request to all Muslims, Saudi Supreme Court said:

“Whoever sights the crescent by naked eyes or through binoculars to report to the nearest court and register his testimony, or report to the authority of the region’s center in his area where he sighted the crescent to facilitate his reaching to the nearest court.”

Similar appeals to sight the Ramadan 2022 moon have also been issued by ministeries and moon sighting departments in United Arab Emirate (UAE), Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, Kuwait, Jordan, Palestine, Muscat, Egypt, Turkey, Yemen Oman and other Middle East states, and also in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.

Notable among them are the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Qatar, Ministry of Religious Affairs UAE, Wifaq ul Ulama UK, Australian National Imams Council, the Fiqh Council of North America, French Council of the Muslim Faith (CFCM), Majils Ugama Islam Singpaore – they have all appealed to the people living in the respective countries and areas to sight the Ramadan 2022 moon and report to them.

Muslims across the world sight the new moon on every 29th of the month as per the tradition of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The appeals to sight the Ramadan moon has also been issued as per the following of the The Prophet (PBUH).

If the crescent is spotted on 29th, the prevailing month ends and the new month begin on the next day. However, if the moon is not spotted on 29th, the next day is counted as the 30th day of the prevailing month and the new month starts a day later.

Ramadan 2022 Start Date

Accordingly, Ramadan 2022 fasting in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and other Arab states and Middle East countries will commence on Saturday April 02, 2022 if the new moon is spotted in the Kingdom today i.e. Friday April 01, 2022. Else, the holy month will start on Sunday April 03, 2022.

Muslims in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and other South Asian countries will spot the Ramadan Moon on Saturday April 02, 2022.

Similarly, Muslims in the United States (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Germany and other countries too will start fasting of Ramadan either on Saturday April 02 or Sunday April 03, 2022.

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The final decision will be taken on Friday April 01, 2022 by the moon sighting committee operating in these countries.

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia has allowed foreign pilgrims to perform Umrah in Ramadan after a gap of two years. In a major policy shift, the Kingdom is also issuing Umrah visa and permit to unvaccinated foreigners and local citizens.

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