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Ramadan: Pista House provides earning opportunities to youths

Hyderabad: Pista House which is known for its haleem disclosed the number of youngsters it had provided jobs during the month of Ramadan.

According to the report published in The Hans India, during the Ramadan season, the organization has provided earning the opportunity to around 30,000 youths.

It may be mentioned that the branches of Pista House are located in many countries including North America, Europe and the Gulf.

During the holy month, the students, courier boys, chefs, call center executives are earning by selling the dishes of Pista House.

Speaking to media persons, Managing Director of Pista House, Mr. MA Majeed said that in Hyderabad, around 3500 persons are working for the establishment.

Apart from these persons, many hotel management students work at outlets on a commission basis.

A senior worker by name Zaker Husain said that at Pista House, persons like him get opportunity to earn during the month of Ramadan. He also termed the proprietor of Pista House “Maseeha”.

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