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Ramzan and Lockdown

During Ramadan which is going to start during Lockdown period, some people will try to violate Lockdown rules in the name of religion. Therefore, it’s a humble request to all Muslims to respect Lockdown rules and observe fasts and all Namaaz and Taravi at your homes so that a message of solidarity to stand with the nation could be given.
Some Islamic verses which are necessary to know are given below.

  1. QUARANTINE is a Prophetic advice.*
    “Run away from the leper (the one with contagious ailment) as you would run away from a lion.”
    (Bukhari Volume 7, Book 71, Number 608)
  2. SOCIAL DISTANCING is a Prophetic £& command.
    “Those with contagious diseases should be kept away from those who are healthy.”
    Bukhaari (6771) and Muslim (2221)
  3. TRAVEL BAN is a Prophetic Ä& teaching.
    “Do not enter a land where the plague (contagious ailment) has broken out ; don’t leave from where it has broken out”
    Bukhaari (5739) and Muslim (2219)
  4. DON’T HARM OTHERS, if you have symptoms.
    The Prophet said: “Do not cause harm or return harm.”
    Sunan Ibn Mäjah (2340)
  5. STAYING HOME is a Prophetic teaching
    “Those who stay at home to protect themselves and others are under the
    protection of Allah.”
    Musnad Ahmed. Saheeh
  6. If necessary, HOUSE IS A MASJID.
    The Prophet said: “The entire earth has been made a Masjid, excepl
    graveyards and washrooms.”
    Tirmidhi (al-Salaah, 291)
  7. THERE’S CURE; patience is the virtue
    The Prophet said “There is no disease that Allah sent without sendi1 for it a cure.“
    Bukhari (Volume 7, Book 71, Number 582)
    8 ) FACE MASKING is a Prophetic teaching

Prophet (Äiü) while sneezing, would cover his face with his hand or with his garment,”
Abu Dawud; Tirmidhi (Book 43, Hadith 2969), Sahih

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