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Re-glorification of Islam requires faith and enlightenment : not conflict.

Islam, the religion of peace, harmony, tolerance and humanity, which has partially lost its glory due to reckless violence at the behest of radicals / terrorists, needs resurgence through re-establishment of its original attributes. In the genesis, enlightenment and faith are mutually inclusive, all embracing and in consensus with each other which were inter-woven in the pristine fabric of Islam, which required to be recharged / re-inculcated. In a broader sense, enlightenment applied to reasoning in Politics, Science and religion followed by humanist / human dignity approach while faith working as a bulwark to keep these values intact. The survival of religion in modern times, largely depends on its capacity to create compassion for the fellow human beings: the ultimate object of religion so of Islam. Unfortunately, a misunderstanding / misinterpretation of true religion was due to neglecting the historical perspective of the social, cultural, intellectual and emotional setting at the time of its origin, thus losing the ‘historical empathy’ which enables to draw a line between present and past.

The required compassion which teaches us to transcend our limited world view sticking to the past environment being reluctant to amend. The various schisms posed death of the Prophet, resulting into split/sub-split of ideologies and interpretations had created imbalances in one’s strong Islamic foundation, besides, various pitfalls of violence and confrontations. The then golden period of Islam with profuse knowledge which was the reason behind its rapid growth, lost the stream due to overemphasis on violence, coercion, forced conversion etc. including with lack of rationalism. Simultaneously, Islamic states / socio – political leadership failed to patronize these polymaths, either under the fear of reactionary forces or continuance of autocracies. In fact, knowledge in Islam is bi-facial, ‘ Ilm Ad-Din’ / religious knowledge and “ llm ad-Dunya’ / worldly knowledge, which ensures inception and spread of knowledge freely. The golden period of Islam, a must for survival of Islamic civilization, may be brought back by a combination of faith and enlightenment among the followers and the torch bearers of the community.

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