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Reasoning and inquiry : To revitalize stagnated Muslim mind

The absence of reasoning an inquiry is one of the main reasons behind negative portrayal of Islam as well as Muslim society leading to polemics/spread of radical ideology among Muslims. The alleged anti-progress Muslim world has seeds in interpretations/misinterpretations of Islamic texts, misuse of term Jihad, a fundamentalist mind-set opposing Science, Economy, Human Welfare and Global interactive interdependence etc. Religious leaders/theologians are required to be not only expert of Islamic texts and thoughts but also have deep knowledge of contemporary philosophies of Indo-European thinkers. It is evident that majority of progressive Persian scholars had ideas that were deemed critical and against dogmatism, besides followers of the doctrine ‘Wahadat-e-Wajud’ (oneness of God, Godliness in everyone and everything instead of being an outside power). Muslim scholars should read more about various civilizations of the past without prejudice, besides interpretations of religious texts should be in the perspective of 21st century rather sticking to 7th century set-up. Although, majority of Muslims had adjusted themselves to modern way of thinking, living and dealing, they express reservations against openly raising the issue of interpretation of texts, fiq, etc. in contemporary sense. For example slavery and sexual subservience, which was prevalent in the medieval period, not only in Islamic states but more or less whole of the world. Though, it was opposed and consequently made punishable by America and European countries, the basic idea of slavery/gender bias still persists in tribal societies as well as in some of the Islamic states, besides being promoted and authenticated by Islamic radicals/extremists/terrorists to meet their own ends as well as misleading the gullible Muslim youths.

As a matter of fact, dogmatism, orthodoxy and fundamentalism, persistently persuaded by a section of Islamic thinkers/ideologues, are required to be emend with saner ideas, openness, equal rights and belief in inter-faith harmony to enable a global acceptable portrayal of Islam.

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