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Religion must not be used as a political tool to oppose Govts or seize power

“The first step in his mission is to make sure that religion is positioned as an inspiration, not an aspiration. Religion must no longer be used as political tool in attempts to oppose the government or to seize power, nor for other purposes. Essentially, religion must promote the values of goodness and peace.”- Joko (Jokowi) Widodo

Religion has great significance for promoting peace, development and stability. It must not be used for egocentric and selfish gains to deprive and sweep away people’s right and dignity. Unfortunately, it has been observed that some people and organizations have been misinterpreting their religious doctrines and principles for gaining money and wealth, gaining political victory, quenching lusty desire and wishes, sowing seeds of enmity and nepotism that leads to unforgettable loss and decay physically, socially, psychologically and financially. The case becomes severe in Indian context as Indians easily get emotional in the name of religion due to their deeply entrenched roots in religions.

Religions help in building societies and maintaining a healthy mutually cohesive society. All religions are good. No religion should feel superior to others. The whole world should be perceived as a big home with rooms for- Muslims, Protestants, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists and Confucianists etc. All have their own rooms and must respect each other’s privacy. When there is a mutual respect, it can be guaranteed that no one is feeling threatened. India is abode to 135.26 crores persons who belong to various religions: Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, Christian and many more. It encompasses multi-ethnic, varied traditions, cultures and civilizations that must be respected by everyone.

Religion has the potential to shape the world for a better future. It must be remembered that religion is like water, it takes the shape of the vessel in which it is poured. It is up to us to use religion for constructive purpose, for self-actualisation and to promote peace & tranquillity. Changing our country India or changing oneself is not impossible but there should be thirst for changing ideology and perception for making meaningful life and happier abode for next generation. Therefore, religion must not be undertaken to oppose government and seize power but it should be adopted for well-being of the society in which peace can thrive easily.

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