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Remedy to Islamophobia and anti-Muslim hatred lies in the hands of the Muslims

Muslims across the world are of the opinion that a wave of Islamophobia is currently sweeping the world including India. They attribute the Islamophobic perception to the false and misleading media reports against their community. Some Muslim intellectuals, however, contradict such opinion and claim that the reason for the hatred against Muslims is basically due to the lack of understanding about Islam and therefore, they suggest that there is an urgent need for the Muslims to interact with the people belonging to other faiths, in order to remove the misunderstanding and create a positive image of Islam and its followers. Progressive Muslims also advocate for promoting a culture of modernity and holding of religious dialogues between the practitioners of various religious groups to overcome such misunderstanding.

While suggesting that radicalisation propagated by some anti-India forces, even though it is strongly prohibited by Islam, is not a solution to the perceived negative opinion against the Muslims, they opine that there is a need to change the public opinion about Islam and the Muslims in general, by spreading Islamic teachings and interacting widely with the people practicing other faiths in India, in order to effectively fight the anti-lslamic forces in the country. It is imperative for Muslims as a community to increase their outreach and establish contacts with maximum people, as lack of their engagements with the fellow citizens of other religions is being misused by the anti-Muslim groups and media controlled by such groups to target their community.

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