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Rising Communal violence in Bihar is disturbing!

With rising communal violence across various BJP ruled states and increasing radicalization is putting forth questions about ruling party’s strategies indicating towards rising Hindutva and Extremists groups that had reportedly proved their very existence through exercising their powers while making bold declarations about Hinduism.

Time and again, over the past five years, the ruling BJP party has not failed to surprise the minority communities in India in making them realize that in a secular country like India, these communities are not safe and are at the peril of these ardent Hindutva rulers.

According to official records accessed by Indian Express, nearly 200 communal violence have been reported last year and shockingly in just three months of the current year, 64 new communal violence incidents have been reported.

These rise in political radicalization indicate towards ‘divide and rule’ strategy exercised by NDA Government.

Instigating violence in Muslim-dominated areas, carrying out rallies and ‘religious’ processions accompanied with sharp weapons has also become a common sight in various BJP ruled states.

In Araria alone a fake video of Muslim youth sloganeering anti-India slogans was widely circulated after one of the RJD candidate’s victory was confirmed in the Lok Sabha by-election this March.

Munger, Bhagalpur, Aurangabad, Samastipur, Shekhpura, Nawada, Nalanda all these places have also reported incidents of communal violence. Several BJP leaders are publicly exercising their hatred and powers along with boldly carrying out communal violence against Muslims.

In 2017 Nitish Kumar had reportedly broke alliance with RJD and Congress to join BJP but the Nitish Kumar led Government failed to maintain calm and peace among the two communities with not only Muslim lives sacrificed in the recent Ram Navami communal violence but also Policemen had lost their lives too.

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