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RSS spreads rumours, wants to convert country into Hindu state: Ram Puniyani

Hyderabad: RSS is a rumour spreading society and its motto is to convert the democratic country into a Hindu state by implementing Manu Smriti Doctrines. These are the people who instead of fighting for India’s independence, preferred the slavery of the British. Their main objective is to spread hatred among the Hindus and the Muslims so that Manu Smriti is implemented. So long as the members of the civil society continue their campaign against RSS, they cannot succeed in their attempts.

Noted social activist, Ram Puniyani expressed these thoughts while addressing a meeting on ‘the Journey of Democracy’ held at Sundarayya Vignana Kendram, Bagh Lingampally organized by United Citizens’ Forum.

Congress spokesman, Abhishek Pratap Singh, Gujarat MP, Dr. Amee Yajnik, Human Rights Activist, Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi, an advocate of Hyderabad, Mr. Waseem Ahmed Khan also addressed the gathering.

Continuing his address, Mr. Ram Puniyani told that the extremist activities of Myanmar, Islamic extremism of Pakistan and Hindu activism of India have no difference. All the three ideologies want to impose their thoughts on others and to achieve their political mileage by creating the atmosphere of hatred in society. He told that all the three extremisms are condemnable from every point of view.

Quoting Bhagat Singh, Ambedkar and Mahatma Gandhi, Mr. Puniyani said that all the three had the thoughts of patriotism, equality and fraternity among the citizens. On the contrary, if we talk of nationalism of Savarkar and Jinnah, we find that they did not have any ideological similarity and they did not work for the development of the country. On the other hand, their thoughts were similar in dividing society.

He further told that Karnataka MP, Mr. Anant Kumar Hegde admitted the fact before the public that BJP assumed power to alter the constitution.

Dr. Amee Yajnik, MP of Gujarat mentioned the lapses of Modi Govt. in respect of women and said that by changing the label of the schemes started by the previous government, BJP is beating the trumpet. She further told that Govt. has failed to give 33% reservation to women and to legislate domestic violence act and to curb increasing rape cases right from Kathua to Unnao.

Congress Spokesperson, Mr. Abhishek Pratap Singh told that BJP claims that it is following the ideology Shyama Prasad Mukherjee who was Dy. CM during the Muslim League Regime in West Bengal in 1942.

Dr. Raghuvanshi told that RSS is working on the lines of ISIS to divide society. He further told that Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) made Hazrat Bilal a Muazzin who was a slave and he implemented constitution in Makkah. He announced clemency after the conquest of Makkah. These are the two incidents which promoted Islam and eradicated misconceptions about Islam. Hiding these incidents, people are associating terrorism with Islam so as to tarnish the image of Islam. Same is the case with Hindutva forces who are promoting hatred instead of true Hindu religion.

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