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RSS threat to Hindus more than to Muslims

New Delhi: Noted Hindi writer and poet and former IAS officer Ashok Vajpayee said that RSS is a threat to Hindus more than to Muslims, because it wants to use Hindus for its own interest. He was addressing the 3-day citizen conclave organised by India Inclusive at Constitution Club. He said we need not be disappointed instead we need to light a lamp in the path of those who are struggling to dispel the darkness. He said the country cannot develop by giving 2nd class citizen status to 16 Cr Muslims. If Muslims are driven out of the country, its culture and civilization will be ruined. There is no field where Muslims are not rendering their services.

Prof. Apurvanand of Delhi University said we are struggling to get back India in 2019. He said we won’t restrict the ideas; we would form a strategy as to what has to be done in 2019.

Social worker Golden George, Rupesh from Bihar, social worker Dev Desari, Smriti Jain, Raj Kavi, Vipin Jain, Sandeep Gupta, Akram Quadri, Saleem Hafez, Seema Mustafa, Ganesh Devi, Raza Hyder, Sohail Hashmi, Sachanand, Zoya Hasan and others addressed on the occasion. The speaker unanimously pledged to oust BJP from power in 2019.

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