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Rumy Alqahtani symbolises tsunami of change within Saudi Arabia

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The participation of Rumy Alqahtani, the Riyadh-born model and social media influencer, in the Miss Universe pageant in mexico later this year has brought the focus on the radical changes that the once close Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been undergoing and wants the world to know about.

The country where till a few years ago it was illegal for a woman to go out of her house unaccompanied by a ‘mehram’ (Male custodian), drive a car or not cover her face, is sending a woman wearing moden off shoulder dresses, etc. to the world’s top beauty pageant is a statement of intention.

Rumy Alqathani, 27, announced on Instagram that she will be representing the Kingdom at the next edition of the pageant. Dressed in a sparkling beige strapless gown with a crown Rumy shared her excitement at representing Saudi on the world stage.

Rumy Alqahtani holding her crown of Miss Saudi Arabia

“Honored to participate in Miss Universe 2024,” she wrote in a caption on her Instagram, announcing the news to her 1 million followers. “This is the first participation of Saudi Arabia in the Miss Universe competition.”

The changes under King Mohammad Bin Salman (MBS) are so fast paced that it’s difficult for the world to keep track. That’s why there is so much talk about Rumy’s participation in the Miss Universe pageant when she has already become Miss Saudi Arabia in the national beauty pageant and also participated and  won the title of Miss Middle East, Miss Arab World Peace 2021 and Miss Woman (Saudi Arabia)

Rumy AlQahtani is a social media star with 1 million followers on Instagram. She announced her decision to represent her country in one of the world’s most popular pageants on Instagram. She wrote in Arabic on Instagram that I am proud to participate in the Miss Universe 2024 pageant.

Rumi Al Qahtani was noticed at the Miss and Mrs Global Asian contests. However, the title of Mrs. Global Asian 2024 was claimed by Diane Shen Mag Ibo from the Philippines.

Rumy Alqahtani

Rumy al-Qahtani has been designated as the cultural ambassador of Saudi Arabia. She says that her main purpose in participating in international competitions is to raise awareness about the country and its people.

The contribution is to learn about global cultures and to spread our authentic Saudi culture and heritage to the world.

However, Rumy AlQahtani, also faced severe criticism from hardliners for her picture on Insdtagram in which she is holding the Saudi national flag (that has the first kalma on it) in an off shoulder dress.

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Al-Qahtani has also participated in Miss Planet International Pageant in Cambodia, Miss Women International Beauty Pageant in Rome, Miss Europe Continental Pageant in Naples, Miss Arab World Pageant in Egypt, Miss Arab Unity Pageant in Algeria and Miss Middle East and North Africa Pageant in Iraq.

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