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Sadqa : A panacea for all ills

Sadqa (alms and charity) has been described by Allah as a panacea (universal remedy) for all ills and ailments. The episode mentioned below, certifies it and is worth pondering upon:

Once, there was an Egyptian businessman who was suffering of serious heart problem and after unsuccessful treatment at hospital in Cairo has been advised to visit experts in London for bypass surgery. Meanwhile, one day he went to buy some meat, where he saw an old lady collecting small pieces of fat, the butcher was discarding. On inquiry, the lady told him that she was a poor widow having no income to rear/feed her children, who had craved for meat, thus forced her to gather the thrown away pieces of meat. The businessman became filled with compassion and directed the butcher to provide the woman enough fresh meat daily, the cost of which would be borne by him. During course of time, he realized that he no more symptoms of heart ailment like fatigue, sought breathe. He consulted the local doctors and later also visited specialists in London, who concluded that his illness has been resolved/cured completely. He remembered that he has started improving since the day he had helped the old lady.

The episode proves that Allah’s wish ‘Sadqa’ is a protection against all ills/evils, besides helping needy without any religious preference is an act of God. Hazrat Umar, the second Caliph and an icon of humility, compassion and benevolence has also said “If a dog dies of thirst or hunger on the bank of River Farat, Umar will be taken to task by Allah”.

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