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Sahih Bukhari – Full Collection of Hadiths for SmartPhone Users

Sahih Bukhari is collection of Hadith of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in form of a smartphone application developed by as part of their Islamic Learning Applications. This app has the Hadiths collected by Imam Bukhari in form of Books and chapters, which are divided on the basis of relative topics that are discussed. The Hadiths collected by Imam Bukhari are considered authentic saying of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and thus the most used book for referring to Ahadith. Download Sahih Bukhari on your phone for free from Google Playstore and iTunes.

Benefits of Sahih Bukhari

Some of the benefits of Sahih Bukhari are:

  1. Sahih Bukhari provides you the chance of following Sunnah in every step of life.
  2. Easy access to Hadiths all the time.
  3. Increase in love and affection for Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) by remaining close to his sayings.
  4. Hadith of the Day teaches you something new every day.
  5. Time to read and reflect upon the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  6. Productive use of time in learning about Islam and gaining extra reward.
  7. Favorite option helps you to save important Hadiths in one place for reviewing and sharing later.


Features of Sahih Bukhari:

  1. Sahih Hadiths: All the Sahih Hadith by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) compiled in one place.
  2. Books: The hadiths are divided into books related to a particular branch of Islam they address.
  3. Chapters: Further subdivision of Hadiths based on a specific conditions and situations.
  4. Hadith of the Day: A reminder with Hadith shared every day on your Smartphone.
  5. Favorite: Mark a Hadith you like as favorite to read it later.
  6. Search: Option is provided to search a topic or phrase within the application to make finding related topics easier.
  7. Settings: User can choose the font size, font color and background color for displaying text on their phones.


Sahih Bukhari is a very useful app for every Muslim who loves Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and wishes to follow Sunnah in their daily life. Having it on your phone will inculcate the habit of consulting Hadiths before taking any step related to any matter in life. Download this extremely productive app on your smartphones and start reaping its benefits in your life here and hereafter.

Sahih Bukhari – Full Collection of Hadiths for SmartPhone Users

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