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Salman’s arrest: ‘Is human life not worth even a blackbuck’? Questions Zafar Sareshwala

Mumbai: The quantum of punishment for a 20-year-old case of killing a Black Buck is delivered yesterday sentencing Bollywood icon Salman Khan to 5 years of prison term.

Reacting to the verdict delivered yesterday, Maulana Azad National Urdu University (MANUU) Chancellor Zafar Sareshwala on Thursday questioned about delayed justice to be delivered to those innocent human lives taken in mob lynching on the pretext of false charges of possessing beef ever since the ruling party has come to power in different states.

Mr Zafar questions government’s failure to deliver justice to human lives taken by extremists on false charges rather sentencing Salman five years of prison term for failing to conserve an animal.

He argued that though there have been numerous lynching cases reported from Rajasthan as well as other BJP ruled states, these criminals still roam around freely enjoying their freedom with no law to take accountability of these human murders.

Mr Zafar asked, “Is human life not worth even a blackbuck?”

Salman Khan was convicted in the blackbuck poaching case by a Jodhpur Court on Thursday while the Court acquitted other stars -Saif Ali Khan, Tabbu, Neelam and Sonali Bindre in the case.

Though Mr Zafar refused to comment on the court’s verdict he said it is upsetting to watch the governments failure in nailing down the criminals and murderers who have taken countless human lives.

“I respect the judiciary and do not want to comment of the court’s verdict. But, I consider it the failure of the administration and the government – whether of BJP or Congress, because of which those involved in mob lynching and killing people are enjoying freedom”, he said.

It was not only the Muslim lynching Mr Zafar was referring to but he highlighted all those innocent killings of Minority communities on pretext of carrying cow meat by Cow vigilantes.

Ever since BJP came to power, a spate of killings has been reported from states ruled by BJP after it imposed ban on cow slaughter where many innocent Muslims were murdered in broad day light. Not just Muslims but Dalits were also hacked to death by Hindutva extremists.

Interestingly, though BJP imposed ban on cow slaughter and Hindutva ideologies, extremists carrying out broad day murders, killings to instill fear in hearts of minority communities states like Kerala, Goa, Tripura and northeast states have boldly took a stand against the move along with assuring smooth supply of beef meat.

In a country were numerous human lives were forcibly hacked to death do not count and killing of black buck would imprison a Muslim Star to 5-years of imprisonment is simply phenomenal.

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