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SC Judgment on Masjid in Islam: Popular Front asks to remove apprehensions of Muslims community

By M M News

Calicut : The Central Secretariat meeting of Popular Front of India held at Calicut took a strong exception to the Supreme Court judgment that upheld 1994 Allahabad High Court verdict which opined that Mosque is not essential part of Islam and that Namaz could be offered anywhere.


The meeting termed the Supreme Court refusal to refer the case to a Constitution Bench as unfortunate.
“It seems that the apex court did not pay enough heed to the far reaching consequences the judgment might have in future. The importance of Masjid in Islam is evident from the fact that Muslims are prescribed to attend congregational prayers five times a day and Juma prayers on Fridays in a Masjid,” reads a statement by Popular front.

The meeting observed that giving an opinion or passing an order about the importance of the place of worship in any religion, be it in Islam, Christianity or Hinduism, does not come under the jurisdiction of Indian judiciary which is secular in character.

The statement further reads “There is a need of more clarity in the explanation that the judgment will not affect Babari Masjid Case since the very petition in question was primarily related to Babari Masjid. And there is still possibility to use the judgment of Allahabad High Court further in the case as a binding precedent. Further, Hindutva forces, who challenged Supreme Court and declared they would build ram temple, has already started celebrating the present judgment as their victory. The court has not taken any step to stop these fascist forces from politically misusing such nationally important case under its consideration.”
Popular Front appealed to the apex court to review the present judgment and remove the apprehension of Muslim community in this regard.

The meeting termed Supreme Court judgment ratifying Aadhaar as disappointing. “Popular Front is of the view that Aadhaar is an extreme measure of the government that is detrimental to freedom and privacy of citizens. However the meeting welcomed striking down of Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act and barred private companies and banks from mandating Adhaar for providing services. But it failed to see how linking every citizenship rights and government welfare schemes and services to a single card is a double edged weapon in the hands of government against the citizens.”

Central Secretariat also observed that Supreme Court judgment decriminalizing adultery will erode the sanctity that placed upon marriage and weaken the family values. It is sad that the judgment does not take into account the trauma adulterous people can cause to their partners and their children.

Chairman E Abubacker presided over the meeting, which was attended by M Mohammed Ali Jinnah, OMA Salam, EM Abdul Rahiman, KM Shareef and Abdul Wahid Sait.

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